Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Go Goa Gone

Hot. Humid. Honey Singh on the beach. His songs, that is. Signboards in Russian. Even the books in Calangute resort library are in Russian. Mills and Boon from the looks of them. Beach. Red flag. Dogs in the sea. Click! Too hot to go out. But we have to. SPF 50 sunscreen melting. Time to buy hats. Fort Aguada (where 'Dil Chahta Hain' was apparently NOT filmed). Anjuna. Vagator. Hurrah! A table at Thalassa Greek restaurant. Waiter looks like Lord Varys (Game of Thrones). We need you to leave by 4.45. Grrr! Food's nice though. At other places too. Chicken vindaloo. Fish. Prawns. Goan sausage pizza. Apple crumble with ice cream. Black Currant crush. London Dairy scoops. Chocolate Mess. This is not good for my diet. Live music at the Infantaria. John Denver. A bit off-key. Walk to Baga another night. Tattoo parlours. Casino. Snow Park. Nah! Too pricey. Crowded beach. Drunk pot-bellied men. Vendors. No, I don’t want a tiara with lights. No bracelet either. And no foot massages. Why, why do shacks play Punjabi item numbers? Could we have the cheque, please. Where’s my Pudin Hara Fizz? Thank God for complimentary resort breakfast. Yippee! Beach, been there, done that. Games people play in the afternoon. Ludo. Taboo. Switcheroo. Oh no, who stole the buzzer? Cuddly resort dogs. Aww! I love it here. I don’t want to go back to Delhi. Driver berating someone in Konkani. Jam. Airport, here already? Flight delayed. Sigh! Back in Delhi, temperature outside 29C. What?

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