Sunday, October 29, 2017

Bigg Boss 11 recap: (Day 27) Gauahar comes visiting; Pooja leaves Luv in the lurch

Former winner Gauahar Khan walks into the #BiggBoss11 house with a briefcase in her hand. Her mission: to grant a special power to one of the housemates, who each have to convince her why they deserve it.

After sessions with the inmates, Gauahar picks #ArshiKhan, #VikasGupta and #AkashDadlani for her shortlist and then announces Akash as the winner. The briefcase contains a suraksha kavach (safety armour) that will help Akash avoid being nominated for eviction - at least once. Use it wisely, Mr Rapper.

In a late-night altercation with Vikas, #ShilpaShinde gets personal and riles him up further. When Shilpa reveals a name from Vikas’ past, the TV producer threatens to expose details of Shilpa’s life. Later on the show, host Salman Khan jokes that this appears to be a pre-planned strategy by both to stay in the Bigg Boss spotlight.

When asked by Salman, the majority of the housemates name cringe-pop diva #DhinchakPooja as the weakest performer in the week’s task - and she gets seated on the bull. Salman isn’t convinced though and he wonders why, despite their mistakes, task referee #LuvTyagi, #MehjabiSiddiqui and others didn’t earn the housemates’ wrath.

Salman made Pooja sing her "Dilon ka shooter" number several times today, including an encore for the visiting cast and director of the 2017 blockbuster "GolmaalAgain". Methinks he’s obsessed with the song, considering he makes a few attempts at rap himself.

Next, Salman asks the housemates to pick three names based on their popularity among audiences. Akash is voted ‘Blockbuster’, Arshi is ‘Superhit’ while Pooja stands in the ‘Hit’ position on a makeshift podium in the house. Salman disagrees with the choices, although he retains Akash and moves him down to ‘Hit’ position. He gets Shilpa to take the second or ‘Superhit’ position and then invites Vikas … to escort queen bee #HinaKhan to the ‘Blockbuster’ slot.

For this week’s Sultani Akhada, folk singer #SapnaChoudhary squares off against Pooja. While Pooja wins the verbal round, Sapna triumphs in the tug-of-war round. In the tug-of-war tiebreaker, Sapna (aided by #HitenTejwani) gets the better of Pooja and Luv – thanks to Pooja letting go of the rope and leaving Luv in the lurch. Salman scolds Arshi for talking while the task was on.

Some relief for Shilpa, Vikas, Akash and Sapna - Salman declares them safe from eviction, with the final name to be announced in Sunday’s episode.

Three remain in the #BB11 nominations this week. Who will be evicted on Sunday?

#BenafshaSoonawalla #LuvTyagi or #JyotiKumari

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