Wednesday, October 25, 2017

#BiggBoss11 (Day 21) recap: Enter Dhinchak Pooja - and lice #BB11

I am beginning to feel sorry for #DhinchakPooja. It’s no cakewalk entering #BiggBoss as a wildcard two weeks after the other housemates had time to understand the lay of the land and form alliances to survive.

Don’t get me wrong. The cringe-pop sensation’s songs do make me shudder. Still, I didn’t appreciate the way actor #SalmanKhan rolled his eyes and mocked her “singing” in Sunday’s episode before Pooja joined the house guests. To her credit, the 23-year-old appeared unfazed and later sang a few lines while queen bee #HinaKhan and others laughed in contempt.

Things got worse on Day 21 when the housemates noticed lice nits in Pooja’s hair. There was much banter behind her back, and not of the good kind. Pooja looked perplexed when various housemates led by captain #HinaKhan snuck up behind her to ascertain the extent of the lice nit invasion. Eventually, madcap #ShilpaShinde comes to her rescue, takes Pooja aside and graciously explains why she’s become the butt of jokes. Shilpa and #HitenTejwani request Mr. Bigg Boss to send Pooja a bottle of lice medicine. Thank you, Shilpa -- for being the sane one for once. Pooja didn’t react, but I suspect a teary tantrum is in the works. She's been quiet, except for an impromptu sing-off with "Bang Bang" rapper #AkashDadlani.

[Warning: #GameOfThrones reference ahead]

When she’s not busy deriding #DhinchakPooja, captain #HinaKhan calls the shots in the house. In her most Cersei Lannister moment yet, Hina tells Akash he won’t get to eat if he doesn’t listen to her. But Akash is not one to pay his debts. Instead, egged on by allies #PuneeshSharma and #BandgiKalra, Akash throws a tantrum of his own.

Elsewhere, the housemates are plotting the week’s eviction nominations, something we know from past experience Mr. Bigg Boss doesn’t take too kindly to. This week, he doesn’t allow the contestants to nominate people and arbitrarily chooses #BandgiKalra, #ShilpaShinde, #ArshiKhan, #VikasGupta, #PuneeshSharma and #MehjabiSiddiqui. They do have a chance to save themselves - if a ‘friend’ paired with them at the 30-minute “friendship wall” is nominated in their stead.

Arshi doesn’t waste much time in getting rid of VJ #BenafshaSoonawalla, leaving the latter in tears. Which was surprising, because the unwritten rule of Bigg Boss is to take care of oneself, escape the nominations and stay put in the house. Why should Arshi be expected to sacrifice herself for Benafsha?

Puneesh follows suit, ditching folk dancer #SapnaChaudhary (Puneesh hadn’t liked her remarks about his girl pal Bandgi over the weekend so this was no shock). Bandgi herself didn’t stick too long with #LuvTyagi. And #MehjabiSiddiqui was quick to leave Bihari lass #JyotiKumari in the lurch.

But actress #ShilpaShinde and TV producer #VikasGupta didn’t follow through - opting to stay nominated to safeguard #HitenTejwani and #SabyasachiSatpathy respectively. Strategy or foolhardiness? That we’ll get to know this weekend.

Lest we forget, Cersei Lannister (Hina) took centrestage at the friendship wall to take revenge on Akash for his remarks about her captaincy, losing no time in relegating him to the eviction round. "When you play the Game of Thrones, youwin or you die - there is no middle ground". Yes, we know, Cersei. But also remember "Spider-Man" - "with great power comes great responsibility".

New alliances are constantly being formed in the Bigg Boss house. I noticed Arshi getting friendly with the Puneesh gang -- or maybe it’s a case of ‘enemy of my enemy (read Hina) is my friend’. Former bosom pal Vikas was pacifying a teary-eyed Benafsha when Arshi walked off. An inopportune remark by Jyoti at bedtime saw Puneesh and Akash gang up on her. That girl sure needs to keep her mouth shut.

Nominated this week on #BB11. Who will be evicted?
#ShilpaShinde, #VikasGupta, #BenafshaSoonawalla, #SapnaChaudhary, #LuvTyagi, #JyotiKumari or #AkashDadlani

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